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5 must Haves for a Business Website

Today it’s pretty much a universal truth that every business needs to have an online presence (a business website for example). Having a website in today’s business world is not a luxury, it is a necessity. A good website can help your business plan to go from a little profit to A LOT of profit. But what is the recipe for it? Check out some of our work.


Most business owners do not realize that having a website is not enough. A profitable website needs first: to be a well-designed and functional, capable of promoting your brand effectively; second: to allow your customer to obtain your services or products quickly and easily; third: to be able to reach all your targeted audiences; and finally: to turn visitors into actual leads with the right Call To Action.


There is no precise formula to make a website effective. The success of a site is influenced by many factors like the geographic area, internet speed, industry, and target market. However, there are a few key elements that experts agree on that a website must have to succeed.



    Sometimes less is more and this is an absolute truth in the web design world. Having a user-friendly website —a.k.a easy to navigate – is extremely important. It could mean the difference between people becoming active leads or leaving the site in the first 10 seconds. The simplicity of your site does not mean that it will look bland or boring. A website can be interesting and engaging without all the ‘‘extra’’ content. The clearer your message is and the easier to navigate, the better chances your website has to bring revenue into your business.


  • SPEED 

    Statistics show that one second of delay when loading a website translates into more than $75,000 profit loss every year. When you think about it, one or two seconds is not that much; but when you are surfing on the internet, it can feel like an eternity and prompt you to just check out and go to the next site. Having the right hosting and server space, to ensure your business website loads fast is as important as the website itself.



    When turning users into effective leads, one of the main problems that dramatically affect a website is the lack of instruction. When designing a new website, it is crucial that Call To Actions (CTA) are strategically and effectively placed. A good Call To Action not only gives clear steps to the users on how to interact with the site (contact, subscribe, donate, buy…) but they also look aesthetically engaging and appealing (Check out this article about great CTAs).Call To Actions need to be able to get the users’ attention without looking tacky or over-colorful since it might look like a faux or insecure click. It’s strongly advisable to hire a professional web design firm to avoid losing effectiveness in your Call To Actions and to ensure the CTAs are placed correctly. This way, you can get your business website online with the best industry standards.



    Depending on your niche and the type of product service that your company offers, your website may or may not have certain functionalities. You can sell products online, display a calendar of events, or have a social media feed within your website. Although there is nothing wrong with having these types of functions on a site when necessary, it is very important that you make sure they all work and run smoothly. A broken link, an empty feed, or a problematic purchase functionality can and will make the visitors of your site lose credibility with your company. If they don‘t feel secure using your site, or if it looks that its functions are broken, this will directly affect the feel of professionalism from your company, and it could be translated into money loss.



    Statistics say that at least 60% of internet navigation happens from a mobile device. A website can look amazing and function correctly on a computer screen, but it’s a whole different story when looking at it on any mobile device. Now consider the huge variety of mobile device screen sizes there are on the market, and that your website needs to fit all of them. Having a website that is not optimized for a mobile view can be as harmful as not having a website at all.Membership-based website builders like WIX or SQUARESPACE will offer a responsive alternative. However, their templates are funded on the cookie-cutter model and will not take into consideration the type of interaction your business needs to achieve your goals. It is crucial when building the business website that you hire experienced professionals. They can ensure your site will look amazing and will work well on both computers and mobile devices.


As previously said, there is no specific recipe and a lot of factors vary depending on your case. However, we have just provided you with the ‘‘must-have’’ ingredients to bake a successful website. If you wish to know more about other amazing tips that can help you take your business to the next level, check out our previous blogs here or contact us to find out how Design106 can help you achieve your business goals today.