Contents:   1- Business Description. 2- Client Challenges. 3- Strategies applied by Design106. 4- Results.   1-Business Description: Cutters Edge Pro is a South Florida-based landscape company, servicing all cities in the Dade, Broward and Palm Beach tri-county area. Cutters Edge Pro offers not only the best quality service in the industry, but it...

Brand content is here to stay, but do you really know what it is? The content of the brand is being increasingly used, the objective is to provide valuable content to generate notoriety and affinity with users, where the main axis of communication is to transmit an experience and not the benefits or characteristics of the product itself, but What does brand content really consist of and can it adapt to your company? Here we explain what it is.

It is very common to find companies with a certain projection that although it is obvious that they have a large structure, surprisingly they give little importance to the visual Identity, having one that goes according to their professional level, should be fundamental in every company, it is already try a new company or one with a long history, otherwise it can lead us to think that they are not professional enough in their work, when this is not necessarily the case. For this reason, next we will define the 5 errors that you should not make when analyzing or creating the visual Identity of your business.

Social media has quickly become a constant presence in the lives of just about everyone. From Facebook to Twitter, not to mention a load of other platforms that are specific to certain countries or areas, these platforms help connect people all over the world. So...

Many businesses, from Coca Cola to Chanel, use Facebook and other social media platforms to support their traditional marketing efforts. However, to use Facebook successfully for your own business, you have to know how the platform can best be used to leverage your company. Just like a radio ad is different than a TV ad, the type of content you create and promote on Facebook has its unique format. Keep reading to learn some helpful tips for marketing on Facebook.
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