It is very common to find companies with a certain projection that although it is obvious that they have a large structure, surprisingly they give little importance to the visual Identity, having one that goes according to their professional level, should be fundamental in every company, it is already try a new company or one with a long history, otherwise it can lead us to think that they are not professional enough in their work, when this is not necessarily the case. For this reason, next we will define the 5 errors that you should not make when analyzing or creating the visual Identity of your business.

E-newsletters are efficient in the information they share to a group of subscribers. Their purpose is keeping people up-to-date with information and promotions for a specific group, club or organization. When sending an E-newsletter, it is very common to make some mistakes in its design, content or frequency. Here are some important aspects to take into account when it’s time to write one.

When you have your own website, a good design can make a big difference in today’s competitive world. If you know this, the appropriate thing is to look for professional designers. We can help you to build up graphically what you want – leading to excellent results. Sometimes your vision and your designer’s vision don’t seem to line up well; here we give you some easy tips to establish a good relationship between you and your designer. The designer need to be in as good a mood as possible to be able to work as effectively as possible. Clients can play a big part in this happiness feeling. They contribute to having a good sense of team work (client-designer) and a better creative flow. How does a client achieve that? Through good communication, talking and listening to each other can bring the greatest design. Remember the designer’s job is to translate your concepts into a visual form, but with extra creative flair.

WHY YOU SHOULD AVOID A DO IT YOURSELF MENTALITY. IMPLEMENT EFFECTIVE BRANDING, WEB DESIGN AND MAKE MORE PROFIT JUST BY DOING THINGS RIGHT. Last week we got a referral from our business group. This referral was a lawyer who was starting her practice and had no branding whatsoever, nor a website. Ideally, you would think that when you plan to go solo on your business venture the first thing you need is an identity. In 2017, this means an online presence. This how the conversation went:

Design is thinking. It’s the awesome process of making real what is in a human’s mind to achieve a better world. From our personal experiences, the design combines research, imagination, understanding, empathy, and experimentation. We want you to join us on a little trip through the creative process of graphic design. Let’s realize how we do the magic you require and pay for.