Graphic Design

Graphic Design for Business? If you’ve ever started a business, or are currently in the process of setting up your own business, you know how much effort and time you put into making your company a success. Whether you sell a product or service, hundreds of...

It is very common to find companies with a certain projection that although it is obvious that they have a large structure, surprisingly they give little importance to the visual Identity, having one that goes according to their professional level, should be fundamental in every company, it is already try a new company or one with a long history, otherwise it can lead us to think that they are not professional enough in their work, when this is not necessarily the case. For this reason, next we will define the 5 errors that you should not make when analyzing or creating the visual Identity of your business.

Graphic design may not be at the top of your priority list for your business, but not including a graphic designer in building your company's marketing efforts could be extremely detrimental. In an increasingly visual world, a good graphic designer on your team is essential for your business to succeed. Keep reading to learn more about how investing in graphic design can pay off for your company.

What is an identity? How can we build it? When talking about identity, certain aspects beg the question - what does ‘identity’ imply? The fact is that even though every individual and/or organization has a unique configuration, identity characteristics are constantly emerging. The externalization of these characteristics shows the viewer, with images and a clear message, what they can expect. Let’s talk about identity through the history of the Japanese Empire.

Before creating a website you have to ask yourself: do I need one and why? Am I going to be responsible for it and keep it updated? Who is going to create my website, a professional or myself? What information do I need to have on my site?   These are common questions that cross your mind when you want to boost your business and take it to the next level having an online presence. If we don’t answer them properly, we can make mistakes that can endanger our image as an enterprise. Here we are going to review some of those common mistakes when it comes to web design.