Web Design

Contents:   1- Business Description. 2- Client Challenges. 3- Strategies applied by Design106. 4- Results.   1-Business Description: Cutters Edge Pro is a South Florida-based landscape company, servicing all cities in the Dade, Broward and Palm Beach tri-county area. Cutters Edge Pro offers not only the best quality service in the industry, but it...

Before creating a website you have to ask yourself: do I need one and why? Am I going to be responsible for it and keep it updated? Who is going to create my website, a professional or myself? What information do I need to have on my site?   These are common questions that cross your mind when you want to boost your business and take it to the next level having an online presence. If we don’t answer them properly, we can make mistakes that can endanger our image as an enterprise. Here we are going to review some of those common mistakes when it comes to web design.

We all know how important and helpful a website can be. When your company is starting, it doesn’t seem a priority to invest money on your site because you are more focused on the products or services you are offering than in your online presence. As time passes, you can also forget to redesign your website. Here are some reasons to change your mind and think about the future of your business: