Common Mistakes Companies Make When Creating a Website

Before creating a website you have to ask yourself: do I need one and why? Am I going to be responsible for it and keep it updated? Who is going to create my website, a professional or myself? What information do I need to have on my site?


These are common questions that cross your mind when you want to boost your business and take it to the next level having an online presence. If we don’t answer them properly, we can make mistakes that can endanger our image as an enterprise. Here we are going to review some of those common mistakes when it comes to web design.




We have already talked about doing design by ourselves. When it comes to web design, we as entrepreneurs might consider many aspects like money, time, and level of expertise. Sometimes businessmen do not give enough importance to the online presence of their business, and others think that web design “shouldn’t be that difficult, I’m going to do it myself”. A reason could be saving some money, but consider this: do you have all the tools and knowledge that a designer has to create a really good website? Do you have time for that? And, even if you have the time, doesn’t your business deserve an investment that will result in high profitability?




You finally decided to hire an expert because you know it is the best choice. However, after only one meeting you leave him/her on his own. When your designer shows you your website, it is wrong! Everything you thought it would have isn’t there! From the scheme of colors to the organization of the page. Anyone would blame the designer but NO! If you do not keep constant feedback, the designer will not know what you want. You have to work together! Designers are not mind-readers.




Be sure to use your site to promote your business without overwhelming your clients. People like to see and check the right amount of content. Don’t write just for the sake of it. Choose your images and add the necessary amount of content. For example, if you sell clothing and you don’t have the code and prices of the pieces, your site will be a gallery more than a business tool. Your site shouldn’t have too many white spaces or too much content. Also, the images and text you want to have on your site need to be coherent with your business image. Use your company logo or ask your designer to create one for you, so your client will recognize your brand and associate it with the services or products you offer.




The content of your site has to be organized and distributed properly. With this, your clients won’t get lost when navigating it. The menu bottom has to be at hand, and the information on it has to be clear. Guide your clients through your site so they can check everything you offer.  Remember clients need to understand how your site functions in less than 10 seconds. If not, they will leave your site and you will lose potential clients.




A website is your best employee, it works 24/7, that is why you need to check it constantly. Many clients will write to you or make contact through your website, maybe to ask for a budget or any other consultation. If you don’t check and update if you are going to lose clients.


Don’t leave your designer alone, and don’t do your site by yourself. Designers are not machines or mind-readers. They need to know your vision and your business goals to create the best site for you.