Guide to Digital Marketing for Small Business

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Guide to Digital Marketing for Small Business

Guide to Digital Marketing for Small Business

Whether you run a traditional brick-and-mortar store or have a completely digital business, marketing your business online is crucial to making sure your brand continues to grow and evolve. As new and different technologies continue to develop and mature, it’s more important than ever that business owners invest in digital marketing advice and strategies that help them remain competitive in their field.

Are you interested in learning more about digital marketing for small businesses? Keep scrolling to read all of our digital marketing tips to help you get started no matter how small or large your company is.

Web Design Online Marketing Tips

More and more people are using their cell phones to do everything. From booking their favorite restaurant to buying a new summer wardrobe, more and more consumers are browsing and making purchases on their tablets or smartphones. Even if you can’t afford to dive in with a mobile-focused marketing strategy, a good digital marketing tip for small businesses is to make sure your website is optimized for mobile. Many tools like BigCommerce and Shopify even have pre-loaded templates you can use that are mobile-friendly.

Invest in Local Business Online Marketing

If your company does have a local market, make sure you’re taking advantage of the SEO strategy opportunities this affords you. Besides creating a Google My Business listing, you can also claim and edit your business listing on local search directories like Yelp or Bing. You can also create social media or Google ads that include relevant keywords for your business and target your geographic area.

Use Social Media Efficiently

Any brand can be on every social media channel, but are they wasting time and resources doing so? A good marketing tip for any business is to focus on quality over quantity – especially when it comes to social media and/or digital marketing.  Find out which social media channel your ideal customer is most active on and focus on creating the majority of your content there.

Branding Tips for Small Business

While there are many low-cost or free ways to improve the marketing for your business, there are some areas of digital marketing where it is more costly to use the “cheaper” option than the more expensive alternative in the long run. Skimping on your company’s branding is one of these areas. Investing in professional and high-quality branding at the beginning will ensure that your customers can always recognize your brand and it should visually communicate your company’s purpose as well. You’ll pay more money in the long run if you try to do it cheaply, to begin with, not to mention potentially confuse your customers if suddenly you switch your branding from one style to a completely different one.

At Design 106 – we know everything digital. We get it. It’s what we do. Let us help you create the digital footprint your brand or business needs to take it to the next level. With our expertise and experience, we can design a tailor-made package for whatever digital marketing solution you need for your small business. Get in touch today so we can discuss your goals!