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Graphic Design: Why Your Business Needs It

Graphic design may not be at the top of your priority list for your business, but not including a graphic designer in building your company’s marketing efforts could be extremely detrimental. In an increasingly visual world, a good graphic designer on your team is essential for your business to succeed. Keep reading to learn more about how investing in graphic design can pay off for your company.


Graphic Design and Your Business


Graphic design is crucial to help you company be competitive in its specific field. Graphic design touches everything from tangible items like brochures and business cards, to virtual products like your website.

First things first, a unique and defining logo is essential for any business to build a brand identity. To help draw more attention to your brand, a well thought out graphic design will transmit your company’s ethos and identity and ultimately make your business more memorable.


The Creative Process in Graphic design


To create memorable visuals, graphic designers use different disciplines like typography, imagery and different layout techniques. The way a graphic designer composes these elements to create a singular message depends on your business’ branding and where it will appear.

Graphic designers have spent years learning these different visual elements. They understand how different fonts and layouts can evoke different feelings. A graphic designer that has the training to help evoke these feelings in your potential customers can be the difference in building – or not building – a loyal brand following.


Color and Graphics


Over time, people have studied how color impacts people. This information is known as color theory. A good graphic designer will have studied this theory and know how to incorporate it properly into their work. Graphic designers know how to balance and use color combination to maximize the reach of your company’s message.

Color Harmonies

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Graphic Designers at Design106


At Design106, our graphic designers have years of experience and are here to help your company’s message not just be seen – but stand out. Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can provide an effective graphic design solution for your business.