Happy Designer, Better Results

When you have your own website, a good design can make a big difference in today’s competitive world. If you know this, the appropriate thing is to look for professional designers. We can help you to build up graphically what you want – leading to excellent results. Sometimes your vision and your designer’s vision don’t seem to line up well; here we give you some easy tips to establish a good relationship between you and your designer.

The designer need to be in as good a mood as possible to be able to work as effectively as possible. Clients can play a big part in this happiness feeling. They contribute to having a good sense of team work (client-designer) and a better creative flow. How does a client achieve that? Through good communication, talking and listening to each other can bring the greatest design. Remember the designer’s job is to translate your concepts into a visual form, but with extra creative flair.




Following this short list, you’ll succeed in having a good relationship and workflow with your designer:

  • Complete the whole briefing. This helps a lot to know what you need.
  • Be kind if your designer needs to sign up a contract or agreement. It will benefit both of you if both parties have no doubts on the terms and conditions of the design project development.
  • Any guidance helps. Give visual examples of what you have in mind. We are graphic magicians but we can’t read your mind. Tell your designer what you want. Any idea you have can help the designer to realize what you want, or more importantly, what you really need.
  • Listen to your designer, the ideas and advice he/she offers you are important too. We get so happy when we’re listened to and our opinion is taken into account (probably as happy as you get when you are listened too).
  • Send all the information the designer may need at once, include all text, information, and photos that the designer will possibly require for your project. It is also important to proofread and edit your text before you send it. So, designers won’t lose time reorganizing things and you’ll save money. In general, this makes a better workflow.
  • Trust your decisions. Do not change your mind in every meeting or email conversation.
  • Trust your designer’s taste. We want the best for you and your interests.
  • When we get to proofing, please send all your changes at once. So, we don’t have to reedit the files over and over again.


Frustration Slope, Happy Designers




Here we want to give you some ideas on what not to tell a graphic designer and the common issues that usually happen during the design process.

  • When you tell us “being a designer shouldn’t be difficult”, or “I manage Photoshop and I could do that”, you are not being polite. One step to make happy designers is to recognize the importance of our profession. Graphic Design is everywhere and everybody needs it.
  • Don’t ask us to use Comic Sans in the design. We seriously hate that font.
  • To send logos or images in Word files. No, no, no… we can’t do anything with these kind of files. Please send it in .jpg at least.
  • When you say, “Can you put it in a format we can edit? Like PowerPoint or Word”. There are several things that cannot be easily transformed into those types of files (yes, I know it sounds weird, but it’s true).
  • After 10 revision sessions, you choose the first version. We feel we’ve lost time when this happens. So, try to be honest from the beginning of the design process. If there is something you don’t like, or if you have any suggestion or idea, just tell us. We are always open to listen. That will save time, and it makes designers more productive. You will get what you need and everyone will be happy.


Final Judge


Choose a graphic design specialist to do what they know best to help level up your business, company, organization, event, website, publication, market, and so on. This is success for both parties. You get what you need and we get a great portfolio project!