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How To Sell More Successfully Producing Digital Content

In one sense, content marketing is the gold rush of the 21st century. Every day there are new success stories of startups, individual bloggers, and large corporations receiving massive ROIs from their content marketing strategies. Yet for all too many, the experience is a costly and unrewarding one.

Fortunately, content marketing is not exactly like panning for gold. Success isn’t based on entirely luck – it’s dependent on developing and implementing an effective strategy.

Here are some things to consider when producing your digital content:

  • Look at sales as a funnel, not a switch: In the digital realm, sales is not a switch, but a funnel. With at least 81% of buyers carrying out research before making a purchase, most people arriving on your website for the very first time aren’t ready to make a decision. Instead, they’re evaluating and comparing products – trying to find the one that offers exactly what they need.With this in mind, remember that your blog and social media outlets are at the top of the funnel. A single blog post probably won’t convert the reader into a customer. However, a single blog post can turn a reader into a subscriber – taking the user one step closer to making the final purchasing decision.


  • Develop the right content for the right prospects: One of the worst oversights a brand can make is focusing their blog on the wrong niche. Although it’s true that increasing your traffic is critical to growing your sales, there are blogs with just a few dozen daily views that earn more than blogs with 10,000 daily views. Why? Because they’re focusing their content on those individuals who are actually interested in making a purchase.


  • End every post with a valuable Call-To-Action: When your blog is managed correctly, readers come across your content because they are seeking to solve a specific problem. Ideally, your blog post provides them with the exact insights they need to take the next step in their individual customer journey. However, why not offer even more value? If the reader is looking for interview advice, why not offer a free download with answers to the 20 most common interview questions? If the reader is striving to get in shape, why not provide a free workout calendar or healthy recipe compilation? Once someone subscribes to your newsletter, you can use a CRM tool to track that interaction – monitoring the content, tools, and products that most interest them.


  • Don’t push-sell, solve a problem! By making your blog a central hub on the specific problems that your company helps to resolve, people will not only find and read your content, but also come to trust you as a subject matter expert. Once people associate you as a thought leader in your niche, when you do recommend a service or product, they’ll be far more inclined to buy.


A successful content marketing strategy should result in increased sales, but it’s not an easy get-rich-quick scheme. Rather than using your business’s blog as an advertisement (or worse, as a hobby), treat it as an opportunity to provide value to others. Use it as a tool to help those pursuing their own success – while gradually revealing the added benefit of doing business with your company.

In the end, a blog that provides useful information while guiding consumers down the sale funnel will inevitably result in greater sales. Now, need to get started but do not have a clue where? Easy, schedule a FREE 30 mins consultation with one of our @digitalmarketing strategist. Link in Bio.