Increase Company Revenue with Great Website Design

Is your business making you the money you want?

We have mentioned many times before how crucial the role of a well designed and well-executed website for your business is. Having a beautiful, efficient and user-friendly website could be the difference between taking your business to the next level or stagnation.


There are many factors involved in achieving a strong online presence. Your business success depends on how you, as a business owner, decide to approach the design and execution of your website/web strategy. ‘‘Do-it-yourself’’ membership-based programs can provide a quick fix, but probably not a permanent and successful one. When you don’t have a professionally designed and executed website, your business revenue can be seriously affected.


One of the main goals of a successful web presence is to help you increase your business revenue. Whether this is achieved through mobile apps, a mobile-friendly site or other strategies, your website plays a key role. Here are some things you can do to assure that your site is truly helping you bring home the bacon.


Control the Interaction of Your Website


A well-designed UI (User Interface) will determine the way your customers interact with your website. It allows you to strategically place your CTA (call to actions) and guide your visitors towards your desired outcome (i.e. a sale). By applying an effective UI design created by a professional, you can make interactions happen smoothly and seamlessly.


Campaigns and Promotion


One of the biggest advantages of having a proper website is promotional possibilities. By having your platform, you can effectively use SEO, social media marketing, and blogging to create engaging promotions.  These tools will attract awareness and interest in your company and help you inform the public about your products and services. Also through them, (just like with the UI) you can control the company message.




Today’s digital business is all about reviews and testimonials. Customers tend to buy services or products from companies recommended by others. For example, if you are a real estate agent, you want a 5-star profile on Zillow. If you own a restaurant, the reviews on Trip Advisor can make a huge difference in your clientele.


The problem with review-based platforms is that they are usually out of your control. As a business owner, you want to be able to dominate most of the content around your business. Having a testimonials page on your own website (if they are honest and legitimate) can help you to better showcase your products and services. Also, it will portray a sense of trustworthiness and peace of mind to potential clients when choosing you over your competitors.


Be Everywhere!


Just in the United States, people spend 71% of their time on the internet using a mobile device. Imagine the possibilities of reaching out effectively and successfully the markets all around the world. It doesn’t matter if your business is local (unless you are a non-profit with region restrictions), the more people that know about you around the globe the better.


Having your own website allows you to reach out to different markets you didn’t even dream about with a ‘‘traditional marketing approach’’. After all, you can’t send mailed postcards to the entire world.


New markets mean new leads, which can translate into new revenues. The traffic on your website will help you improve your SEO efforts and your brand awareness; even if you are not able to convert most of those leads into sales.


A Website is an Investment


Every time you think of how much you are spending on your website think also on how much you will earn. When you start a successful business, you usually have to make some investments. Maybe you will need to rent a storefront, pay for permits or certifications or simply buy office supplies. Make sure that having a professionally developed website is part of your investment budget. Having a great website is an asset and will increase the capital value of your company. Keep in mind that whatever amount you spend on your site now will be multiplied tremendously in the future when helping you to connect with your clients, build relationships, and generate leads.


Being a business owner is not easy. Strategies, laws, and how we interact are changing every day. Some people just see the short term and fail to adapt to the modern trends and of our fast-paced digital world. Others are simply unaware of the constant changes and don’t understand why their businesses are not as successful as they could. Still, others are simply so busy running all other aspects of their companies that they don’t even think about how a website strategy can benefit them. If you are one of those people, do not hesitate to give us a call.