Mistakes When Writing for Biz Advertising

Are you writing the copy for your business’ advertising? Here are some common mistakes you may be making without even noticing.


Having your own business and taking control of its social media to make ads and offers is not an easy job. It makes you forget how important is to let advertising experts guide you through this process. Business owners tend to make the same mistakes over and over without noticing them. This article is designed to understand the importance of hiring experts to create your online advertising.


Not Setting an End Date


When you use Instagram or any other social media platforms to publish an offer, you may be forgetting to set expiry date. Not saying the end date of your promotions could confuse your clients. They might think the offer will be available for a much longer time period or just for the day. This mistake could affect your profits because clients won’t feel the urge to buy your products right away, or your clients could visit your site and inquire about a product that is no longer available. Be specific with dates. You can use phrases like “Today only” or “This offer is available until…”


Not Mentioning all the Offered Productsoffered-products

You need to specify all the products in the offers you are posting.  Clients like to know every single detail to be sure they are making a good purchase. If you are not clear about the products included in the offer, your clients will think it is too expensive or the prices aren’t value-for-money. As a result, your clients are likely to not buy them. When writing your offers you can make a list or mention them in the order you prefer – but be sure to mention them all.


The Percentage Isn’t Rightadvertising-shopping

A customer will always do the math, so you have to do it too. Don’t publish an offer with the wrong price and be specific about the percentage off of the product. Use numbers instead of text to help your clients understand how much they will save buying something directly from you. You have to encourage your consumers by offering them something different from the competition. You can take advantage of the change of seasons or important dates. Just like “Black Friday” on an important shopping day in the United States, you can also have your own important ‘sale’ days to make your business stand out.


Posting your Advertising without Reading


Haste makes waste and this is especially true in advertising.  Make sure to proofread your work otherwise you can risk losing clients with your unprofessionalism. Think before writing and take the time to read twice before posting something It will make your business look good and boost your online presence as well.


We know how hard it is to run a business properly. At Design106, we can help you to project the image you want for your business without all the headaches.