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Brrring, brrring!! School’s in session for those struggling with their company’s branding. This case study of Academia Anglo-Americana should highlight why knowing your target audience, and having the correct branding to speak to that audience, is vital to your company’s growth.


The Academia Anglo-Americana is an academy based in Venezuela that specializes in teaching children and young adults how to speak English. This skill is especially desirable on a younger person’s resume as an increasing portion of Venezuela’s youth population is leaving the country to find job opportunities abroad.  When Academia Anglo-Americana first came to Design106, their branding was very dull and administrative. Not at all in line with the type of target audience they were looking to get their message to.  Fortunately, our branding experts were then able to assess this academy’s strengths, and give them a new branding system that would speak to a younger audience. By using bright colors and incorporating a speech bubble into all their branding elements (letter heads, social media images, business cards), Design106 delivered a bespoke branding system that helps the Academia Anglo-Americana capture an audience that is looking for their help to prepare them for a future abroad.