Broward Health

About This Project

Whether you’re a large company with an established brand, or someone starting from scratch, our versatility is one of our greatest strengths at Design106. With this case study of Broward Health, you’ll see how we can adapt to whatever your needs are; and execute them with the highlest level of quality.


Broward Health is a public, non-profit hospital system that operates in southern Florida.  From hospitals to out-patient  centers, Broward Health is a healtcare provider with long-standing ties to the community. When they approached us, they didn’t need a new brand identity or logo. Instead, they were looking for a design agency that could quickly and  efficiently complete campaigns that targeted two very different audiences. One campaign was an external awarness project that needed to speak to the southern Florida community. The other was an internal campaign that had to convey important imformation to its employees. In both instances, Design106 was up to the task to create all the marketing materials they required. From physical promotional materials such as napkins and billboards, to digital graphics and files for online portals, our team of graphic designers was able to take a existing branding concept and execute it in very different ways with excellent results.