Calma Care

About This Project

Look at Calma Care Website: HERE


For a case study that show how we can transform your business as you grow and expand, look no further than Calma Care. Originally known as Broward Family Acupuncture, this company initially specialized in acupuncture but wanted to expand to include more health and well-being services.


Our branding team at Design106 began by creating a new name for their company that encompassed the company’s new mission. Next, inspired by the Turkish eye that wards off evil spirits, we created a unique logo and branding system that incorporates the serenity and holistic approach that is central to their company’s business. Using bright colors based on chakra charts, balanced with lots of clean white space, we were able to revamp Calma Care’s branding system to be more in-line with their new company objectives. Next, we incorporated this new branding system into a user-friendly website that allows potential clients to book appointments, learn more about services offered, and even check to see if their insurance provider covers the treatment they are looking to schedule. Another excellent example of how Design106 can elevate your business


Calma Care’s website is better seen than talked about. Click here to see an excellent example of how Design106 can help you transform your business.