About This Project



As one of the leading independent insurance brokers in South Florida, Dunham Insurance is focused on achieving the best rates with the most coverage for their clients.


After several years of less-than-ideal marketing strategies that consumed lots of marketing budget but provided little ROI, Dunham Insurance decided to hire Design106 to lead the developing and execution of a full digital marketing strategy.


We rolled up our sleeves and got to work right away. We created a killer digital marketing strategy that encompasses everything from a full optimized website re-do to permanent management of all social media channels, passing through video commercial production and SEO optimized content.


Dunham’s Insurance digital marketing strategy covers literally all the bases for a strong and effective online presence that positions them on top of their competitors and attracts hot, ready-to-buy leads.



This is a detailed list of some of the things included for this client:


  • New website revamp and re-do


Dunham’s new site is better in every way. Although their previous website was pretty extensive and complete, it was certainly outdated for a 2021 company. We developed a new site maintaining some of the previous style but adding a modern twist, full SEO optimization, mobile optimization and ADA compliance resources.


  • Social Media Management and Marketing Campaigns


Along with a new and improved website, it was only a logical next step to tell everyone about it, and about all the great insurance services that Dunham can offer. What better way to do it than  social media marketing? We created crafted campaigns with various purposes aimed to acquiring leads for each of the service categories offered by the agency.


Also, with a new budget allocation meant for paid advertising we were able to achieve effective promotion to more than 10,000 people per campaign generating around 4% return.


  • Video Production


For a bigger impact on the online world, we leveraged the use of video to enhance Dunham’s insurance message on social media and all digital outlets.


  • Content Creation and SEO


A staple of any digital marketing strategy is the production of new SEO optimized content. In February 2021 we started implementing a content creation strategy that would serve the main ‘‘fishing net’’ for all Dunham. Focusing on tips, resources and valuable information to consumers.