Florida Bar Criminal Law Section

About This Project

Look at The Florida Bar Criminal Law Section Website: HERE

A website is more than just a space to host your contact information. It tells your story to potential clients and can also be a valuable source of information for clients or members as well. When the Florida Bar Criminal Law Section came to Design106, their website was sorely lacking in a lot of different areas. This case study shows how we can tailor your website’s design to make it functional as well as eye catching.


One of the biggest issues the Florida Bar Criminal Law Section had with their website was it’s problematic layout. Many of the Florida Bar’s members had complained that while the site hosted valuable information for them, finding it was another matter completely. Not only that, all of the content and information hosted on the website was available to access for both paying Florida Bar members and non-members alike.  At Design106, our website designers quickly and efficiently updated their website to have both a general access section, as well as internal intranet that held content exclusively for members of the bar such as: videos, legal opinions on cases from judges, case law updates, and much more. We also allowed members to create their own fully customizable profiles to better connect with their colleagues and friends.


Does your website need to be brought into the 21st century? Take a look at what we did with the Florida Bar Criminal Law Section for an excellent example of how we can help you.