Liam Murphy

About This Project

In today’s global world, sometimes you are your own brand. Nobody recognizes this more than Millennials and Generation Z. This case study about Liam Murphy shows how our team of digital experts at Design106 can help make sure your personal brand is on-trend and speaks to the audience you want to communicate with.


For an aspiring soccer star, it’s important that recruiters know who you are and what you are capable of. Liam was looking to have a logo and website built around his strengths as a soccer player, in order to obtain a scholarship to help him further his professional and academic career. At Design106, we sat down with Liam and decided on a concept that would best help him achieve his goals. By creating a dynamic logo and a very modern and professional website, we were able to create a personal brand for Liam that he would feel confident in using to help promote his soccer ambitions. By creating a sleek and easy to use website, that also included a dynamic scheduler that allowed recruiters to see when and where he was playing next; we gave Liam the tools he needed to sell his brand and secure his soccer career.

We’re happy to say that after creating a logo and website for Liam, he received multiple offers from different colleges and scholarships. Click here to see the personal website created for Liam Murphy.