About This Project




When Mike and Troy from Midwest Collections approached Design106, it was with one sole requirement. They wanted their new website to be functional for both their clients and the direct consumer. Being a collection services agency, Midwest had two audiences to serve, both equally important.

On one hand they needed to make their website easier and user friendly for people to make payments to their accounts, get resources on how to live debt-free, and fill out important customer information, among other things. On the other hand, they needed to showcase to their B2B clients that they were the right agency to trust with their debt collection. So, what to do?



As the requirements for this website were so specific but also a bit contradictory (on one end we needed to display strength and zealous debt collection skills but on the other we needed to be understanding and empathic with people in debt), we decided to divide the website into two smaller, but connected, microsites. This served as the perfect solution for both audiences without interfering with one another while maintaining the highest service quality in each case.

As soon as visitors arrive to the Midwest collection site, they will be prompted to select the category of services they are looking for. If they are a company in search for the right debt collection agency, they will be directed to a section of the website meant for B2B, instead if they are a consumer looking for resources, information or making a payment, they will arrive to a separate section meant for those purposes.

We paid special attention to ensure that both websites were smooth, user friendly and fast to better serv the needs of both audiences.



After launching the new website, Midwest collection has been able to use it as a more effective sales tool in the process of acquiring new clients. From providing information about their services all the way to even having clients signing up through their intake system. At the same time, they have managed to improve their day-to-day operations by using their consumer site as a resource hub to respond to frequently asked questions, providing a channel for consumers to speak to their agents directly through their website chat tool and improved their service by having consumers fill out surveys and feedback forms directly on the site.


Here is what the Midwest Collection Management team had to say about Design106:

The Design106 team is so easy to work with. Our company made a lot of changes during the process and the entire group at Design 106 was on top of things the entire way. Any questions we had along the way were answered quickly and they were always very responsive and informative. Highly recommend! — Troy Funk.


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