About This Project

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Best seller writer Ritu Goswamy is dedicated to making another attorneys’ lives more balanced. How? Well, her two books “The New Billable hour” and “The Holistic Lawyer” are a good start for any attorney who wishes to have a true life-work balance while billing more hours.


However, when Ritu approached Design106 she was a bit lost regarding her brand and her objectives as a mentor and a coach for other attorneys. One of the main cores of her business comes from offering a variety of courses, monthly webinars, one-on-one coaching and the multimedia distribution of her podcast and YouTube channel.


All these things were great and in place, but they were missing one thing, a brand that connected them all in a comprehensive smooth and effective manner.


That is where our creative team came into play. Before, Ritu didn’t have a brand except the graphics in her book cover. That is why we created the Ritu Goswamy brand. A hub of information and resources that serve as a funnel to acquire clients while still delivering useful and valuable content to Ritu’s audience.



We created a brand around the person as well and not only the content. Ritu has a number of years working as a productivity strategist for attorneys plus being an attorney herself. She has a wealth of knowledge that needed to be transmitted and projected into her new logo and overall brand.

After the branding, it was time to create a website that was both smooth and efficient in delivering all the technicalities of Ritu’s service. We created a digital hub to direct current and potential clients exactly where they needed to be without struggle or confusion.

Once the brand and the site were in place, we moved forward with a social media strategy that truly blasted Ritu’s new look and services. From social media paid campaigns across platforms to full management of all her social media accounts.



Since working with Design106, Ritu Goswamy’s online capital has increased immensely providing her with the right facade to reach bigger audiences with speaking engagements, adding attendants to her virtual courses and overall facilitating her day-to-day operations as a business.