R&R1 Pressure Cleaning

About This Project


R&R1 Pressure Cleaning



R&R1 Pressure Cleaning has been in the industry for over 20 years now. They provide a wide array of pressure washing, roof treatment, and house cleaning services.


Working on the R&R1 Pressure Cleaning web design was such a joy for the Design106 team. We were able to play with bold design elements and mix and match them together for a coherent and vibrant look.


The design elements used for this project were bold colors and large fonts. This allows the company’s message to be directly relayed without any unnecessary fluffs. It also makes it visually appealing.


Design106 also made sure that actual photos of the company at work were incorporated as a background on the layouts. But, to make it look coherent, the photos were made to have a red and black hue for more eye-catching contrast. This is a unique and clever move to showcase their services and ooze that professional vibe.