Define Your Social Media Plan Goals

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Define Your Social Media Plan Goals

Social Media Tips to Help Your Business Succeed

Did you know that social media has a global penetration rate of 49%? That means no matter what your target audience is, they’re likely on social media in some form. With over 3 billion people active across various social networks, having a social media marketing strategy is vital for ensuring your business stays relevant and competitive in your industry.

With over half the world’s population on social media, knowing how to create an effective social media marketing plan is vital for success. Keep reading to learn more about some simple ways you can use marketing on social media to not only increase your brand awareness but help meet your business goals as well.

Define Your Social Media Plan Goals

As with any plan you have in work or life, you need to have clearly defined goals. The best way to do this is to grab a pen and paper, or open up a word document, and start writing. Before you begin, make sure to keep three things in mind when creating goals for your company’s social media plan:

  • Set realistic goals that you believe you can achieve.
  • Make sure that you have a way of measuring your goals.
  • Be as specific as possible.

Learn How to Use Social Media Wisely

You don’t have to be active on every social media channel to be successful. Quality over quantity matters – especially when it comes to marketing on social media. Make sure that the channels that you are active on, are also the social channels that your target audience is most active on. For example, there’s no point in spending a lot of time and money on developing content for TikTok if your target audience isn’t between roughly 10 – 25 years old. If your target audience skews a bit older, Facebook is likely where you’ll find the most success.

Tell A Story

Humans are hardwired to respond more to emotive or provocative stories. Stories inspire ideas and encourage interaction. If the content on your social channels is constantly sending out hard-sell messages you will not succeed. Social media is made to connect us in a digital space and the best way to do that is through stories. Communicate to your followers about “who” your company is, what do you stand for and why. Tell a sequential story from beginning to end to maximize engagement across your social channels.

Use Emotion

Human beings convey a lot of subtle (or not so subtle) emotions and feelings through facial expressions and body language. Unfortunately, neither of these two factors are something that can be easily conveyed online, therefore emojis or “emoticons” became a helpful way for us to add clues to readers on the emotional subtext of texts. For example:

I love it 😍

I love it 🤢

The two phrases above are the same but the second “I love you” conveys a completely different meaning than the first due to the different emoji. In order to make your brand seem more human online, you need to be using the same mechanisms that real people use to talk online like: emojis, memes, or gifs. Be careful though, going overboard on any of these can backfire. Especially with memes and gifs as many have their unique meaning that may not be instantly obvious.

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