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Luc Besson was the director of this amazing advert. Le Loup filmed in 1998 (you can’t watch on television anymore, that’s why you can find it on YouTube), with the beautiful model and actress Stella Warren. We know this advertisement is a little old, but it has so many elements that we can’t ignore. It’s a good example of a perfect piece of work. Here we will mention some aspects that make this advertisement a huge success. The following elements not only work for this advert but can be considered for others.

SI TE LO EXPLICAN CON FUTBOL, LO ENTIENDES (IF THEY CAN EXPLAIN IT WITH SOCCER, YOU´LL GET IT) A witty Spanish advertisement for soccer fans. It promotes the magazine Líbero, which is the Spanish name attributed to the sweeper; that is, the player in a defensive position. By using the soccer language, this magazine presents articles about current social and cultural affairs to its target audience: soccer fans. In this advertisement, we can see an everyday life situation with a funny twist by presenting a change of roles in a romantic couple. Sometimes, an advertisement that introduces humor, with a change of roles, can be wrongly interpreted in our society; but in this, in case it works perfectly.