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One of the most common questions in the creative industry is ‘’how much should I pay for design services?’’ Well, there is no definite answer, but there is a list of factors that you, as a client, should know and consider before writing that check. Unfortunately, in the creative field, it is not about being an expert but to look like one. Many "agencies" drive clients into paying rates as if they were hiring an exclusive team of experts solely dedicated to their project when it is just a one man’s band with uncertified ‘‘design skills’’. It is important that clients know that design work needs to be paid fairly and accordingly, but also that clients know enough to not get ripped off by “design scammers’’. Here are a few things you should consider when hiring creatives for a project.

Design is thinking. It’s the awesome process of making real what is in a human’s mind to achieve a better world. From our personal experiences, the design combines research, imagination, understanding, empathy, and experimentation. We want you to join us on a little trip through the creative process of graphic design. Let’s realize how we do the magic you require and pay for.

Sometimes you can run into problematic clients that affect the creative process and can be a pain in the neck. Their constant change of ideas affects the time that you could be using on more profitable projects. We will give a few signs you can recognize in these terrible clients, and how to avoid them to improve your business strategy.   Often in the creative industry, we run into those undesirable clients that tend to be a designer’s nightmare. Once you are already engaged in an undesirable client’s project it is hard as a creative (If you are one who hates to leave things unfinished) to say no. So, the best strategy is to completely avoid them. There are simple ways to try to predict if the client is a good fit or not for your creative awesomeness. There are even ways to be able to accept these types of clients (especially when you are a freelancer in desperate need) and to ensure clear and precise expectations. So in case, everything goes south, as Mr.Trump would say, you can build that wall!