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Brand content is here to stay, but do you really know what it is? The content of the brand is being increasingly used, the objective is to provide valuable content to generate notoriety and affinity with users, where the main axis of communication is to transmit an experience and not the benefits or characteristics of the product itself, but What does brand content really consist of and can it adapt to your company? Here we explain what it is.

What is an identity? How can we build it? When talking about identity, certain aspects beg the question - what does ‘identity’ imply? The fact is that even though every individual and/or organization has a unique configuration, identity characteristics are constantly emerging. The externalization of these characteristics shows the viewer, with images and a clear message, what they can expect. Let’s talk about identity through the history of the Japanese Empire.

An image is a description that expresses and captures a state of being. Sometimes it has a message, other times it doesn’t. A well-thought image and its successful exposure enforce a message or an idea. It may even work against you because an image can sometimes send the wrong message.

WHY YOU SHOULD AVOID A DO IT YOURSELF MENTALITY. IMPLEMENT EFFECTIVE BRANDING, WEB DESIGN AND MAKE MORE PROFIT JUST BY DOING THINGS RIGHT. Last week we got a referral from our business group. This referral was a lawyer who was starting her practice and had no branding whatsoever, nor a website. Ideally, you would think that when you plan to go solo on your business venture the first thing you need is an identity. In 2017, this means an online presence. This how the conversation went: