Social Media Blog Post

Managing a big or small company can be exhausting. As a business owner, it ‘s normal that you’d want to take control and write your social media and website content by yourself. After all, no one knows your business better than you.


However, you have to be aware of the challenges this can pose, and if you don’t do it right, how you can lose current or potential clients. Here are some tips to take into account when writing your business content for your social media accounts and website.


Read the Content before Posting


We know business owners are usually in a hurry and have so many things to do. Take a few minutes when writing your social media posts to promote yourself and improve your online presence. You can write about some special offers, important information about your company, or even just inspirational quotes. No matter what your intentions are after writing, read it again carefully before posting it. It is very common to have spelling mistakes or, after reading again, you may realize that you are not sending the right message. People can see these as a careless mistake and think you are publishing just for the sake of posting something. This will affect your company image. This is why you have to take your time to write creative and well-written messages.


Short and Precise Messages


When writing for your website, you want your clients to get all the information they need about your business in easily digestible ‘bites’. Your website and social media channels need to be up-to-date and provide all the information your clients need to know. If you write lengthy messages or give too many details, clients are going to get lost and will leave your site without reading the whole post. They may even start to ignore your posts. In some cases, clients can even stop following your accounts. This can affect your business badly.  Remember, people don’t like to read long texts. Make your posts creative and be specific about what you are offering or what you want your clients to know.




Don’t Overwhelm Your Clients


Be sure to use your social media and website to promote your products and services appropriately. For example, if you sell makeup you can put the Deal of the Day. You can use phrases like “Pay one, take two”, “Buy one, get one free”, or use a percentage discount. If you want to use quotes, choose short ones related to your business.  However, try not to overwhelm your clients by posting every five minutes. Use your social media wisely and share with your followers only relevant information.


If you find being up to date with your social media channels is difficult for you to manage, let the experts in advertising help. At Design106, you can find the creatives and experts you need.