Trends in Web Design

Trends in web design: what´s here to stay

People turn to the website of a brand to obtain more details of their proposal. The reason is that a website is the letter of presentation of the same, and depending on this, users can get an idea of ​​who the company is , what he does and his degree of professionalism.

A website is a living element, which evolves according to the needs of companies and also the trends that condition its design, therefore, there are already many brands that are committed to optimize their website and offer the best aesthetics together with the best content to be visible to your target audience.

This time we will talk about web design trends that are here to stay.


Minimalism is the design trend that is to minimize your means of expression. It is about combining design and functionality in the simplest and most creative way possible, something positive for this type of websites, they take much less time to load in browsers, which is a point in favor.


Increasingly, simplicity is given more value, gigantism consists of using images that practically cover the entire screen of any smart device, in order to make the most of it, generating a sense of impact and giving greater weight to the visual.


This trend of “the bigger the better” also applies to fonts, and it works if applied correctly. We will continue to see an explosion of typographic creativity. From brands that make their own typefaces to combinations that seem impossible and that end up being a genius, and if possible animated.


It is clear that today, more than ever, we need to capture the attention of our audience. Therefore, animate backgrounds, shapes, images, etc. It is almost a must if we want to live up to expectations.

Say no to the standard

Having a “nice” design today is very easy, however, differentiating is vital, and that is why we should avoid, as much as we can, standards and repeat formulas.
We must surprise our audience from the first second to have our own personality Quality content and illustrations that transmit your brand in a unique way.
And of course…

Mobile first

Nothing new here but it is necessary to keep remembering it. We say goodbye little by little to the desktop website so that everything is more mobile.
Websites that are not intended to offer an optimal experience in these types of devices are bound to fail. It is time to adapt everything to the mobile user, the different modifications we use on a daily basis.