Visual identity, 5 mistakes you should not make.

Visual identity, 5 mistakes you should not make.

It is very common to find companies with a certain projection that although it is obvious that they have a large structure, surprisingly they give little importance to the visual Identity, having one that goes according to their professional level, should be fundamental in every company, it is already try a new company or one with a long history, otherwise it can lead us to think that they are not professional enough in their work, when this is not necessarily the case. For this reason, next we will define the 5 errors that you should not make when analyzing or creating the visual Identity of your business.


1. Do not trust an expert for the design of visual identity.

It is important that your company connect quickly with the consumer, nothing better than leaving this in the hands of someone who does know what he does, obviously the design of your visual identity, from the development of the image, logo, philosophy that we have and want to convey, should be commissioned to an expert, who can capture it efficiently, making it clear with a single image so that the recipient or potential client is able to easily understand what the purpose of the company is.


2. Think that the work is finished with the logo design.

When defining the visual identity of a company, it is common to think that with the logo design the work is finished, how much is not. A corporate line must be established, covering much more, such as the type of images that will support the design elements that are created, the language they will use with the receiver, the behavior patterns in relation to customers. All this will offer a much more professional vision of the company, managing to raise the perception of brand value.


3. Do not make the visual identity in harmony with the values of the company.

Before defining the visual identity of any company, we must have what is intended to be transmitted through it, shape its philosophy and in this way ensure that its values are consistent with the image we are projecting in order to create a direct message and consistent with the consumer with whom we want to connect.


4. Do not check or renew the visual identity every X years.

It is important that the visual identity of the company lasts over time and does not go out of style, specifically the whole set of design pieces, mainly the logo since it plays a fundamental factor, since the rest will revolve largely around This one, of course, after a few years your brand may ask you for a refresh or an update of some or all visual elements
The visual identity should be reviewed every X years, so that if appropriate, it adapts to current times. Many times with a bit of restyling in the logo, redefinition of corporate colors and the type of image that will be associated with the brand, it will be enough. We should not fear this process, over the years the big brands have evolved their visual identity, being a positive movement for them.


5. Do not take care of online reputation.

Clearly one of the most important points to consider when deciding on the product or service offered by one company or another, The one that better communicates it will be the winner, there are a lot of websites that simply do not offer a good online image even in spite of being multinational companies, which represents a great mistake not only when it comes to attracting new customers but also by loyalty to They already have. This ranges from not having a quality website, to not having social networks fairly up-to-date or at least responding to user interactions, especially if they are directed to the final consumer, if there is no time to attend These needs are best to choose a good community management service.