Web Design Prime

Website Prime Plan Includes:


  1. Website Setup, customized & mobile responsive, up to 20 pages’ site.
  2. Brand identity implementation.
  3. Google analytics set up.
  4. Contact form.
  5. Call to action for newsletter subscription.
  6. Calendar module.
  7. Custom autoresponders.
  8. Social media integration
  9. Open source stock photography with simple photo edition.
  10. Blog posting section.
  11. Up to 3,000 words/content distributed along the Website.
  12. Up to three (3) rounds of revision pre-website launch.
  13. Live Chat set up.
  14. Online payment form.
  15. Website security feature SSL.
  16. Image gallery (up to 100 images).
  17. Standard Forms (up to 5).
  18. Allow visitors to upload files.
  19. Files manager*.
  20. Set up (on website) of Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews, Zillow Reviews and Avvo Badges display.
  21. Multi-Language translations plug in set up.


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