When to Redesign your Website

We all know how important and helpful a website can be. When your company is starting, it doesn’t seem a priority to invest money on your site because you are more focused on the products or services you are offering than in your online presence. As time passes, you can also forget to redesign your website. Here are some reasons to change your mind and think about the future of your business:




If your site is five or ten years old – it is outdated. Trends change as quickly as technology and you can’t leave your site behind. Looking at other websites (your competitor’s, for example) will help you to understand the importance of a good redesign. Also, the information has to be up-to-date. Clients need to have all the possible and recent information about your products or services, as well as your contact numbers or emails. An updated site will give your clients a sense of security and trust.




Responsiveness on your website makes it easier for your current and new clients to navigate it; they will have a better experience finding what they are looking for in a shorter amount of time. Responsive website design will invite your clients to visit your site because it is adaptable to any mobile device. If your site isn’t responsive, it is another reason to redesign it. The number of mobile devices users are always increasing, so you can introduce more clients to your business with a responsive website. Technology doesn’t look back and your company must adapt to a new technological era if you want it to grow.




You can lose visitors if your site is slow. People want results right away and they don’t like to wait. Clients usually expect your website to show concise information on what they are looking for and that it loads quickly. It’s important not to overload the page with extra images or irrelevant information. Show just the most important information on your website using short texts or comprehensive images of what you sell. An image, a short description of the product, its price, and it’s delivery options are all good pieces of information to be displayed. Optimizing your search engine with SEO protocol is also important when we’re talking about your online presence.




The new product, new image. If the website doesn’t represent your brand anymore, it is time for a change or you could send the wrong message. When a redesign of the marketing strategy is made, it’s necessary that your website be a reflection of that new image of your company. If not, there is always the possibility that your business will not attract the right clients for what you’re offering.




If your clients stop visiting your site or you realized no one is communicating through it, something is wrong. Make sure your website is up-to-date by constantly checking that your products are still in stock, and the information about the services you provide is updated too. Having a bad design, problems with the customer service platform, or being too slow loading makes you lose potential clients.  Change the strategy! Don’t try to fix it by yourself, look for an expert in website design who can help you so you can boost your online business.




One of the marketing rules is being different from your competitors. Make sure to have your brand established. It’s important for you to feel your company is represented by the design of the site. Outstanding web design can be a key factor to increase the number of clients.


A website is part of your business. Clients will see your site as part of your brand and the company image. Don’t forget to pay attention to these signs and redesign thinking about the present and future of your business. If you need help redesigning your site, contact us and our professionals at Design106 so that we can help you.