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Why Social Media is Important for Your Business

Social media has quickly become a constant presence in the lives of just about everyone. From Facebook to Twitter, not to mention a load of other platforms that are specific to certain countries or areas, these platforms help connect people all over the world. So why is it important for your business?

Social Media and Business

What advantages does having a strong social-media presence present to a business owner? Social networks platforms main goal is to connect people; therefore having a fully realized social media presence helps you better connect your business to new audiences and customers. With more than three billion people around the world using social networks every month – that’s a lot of potential customers!

Pros and Cons

With so many benefits to social media for business ( brand awareness, communicate your brand’s authority and show authenticity), you may wonder what are the down sides. There are a few pitfalls to be aware of. Most importantly when it comes it customer complaints. As a business, your first priority should always be to move the confrontation offline or to a private email. Having a “fight” with a consumer online can destroy your hard-earned reputation; making it difficult to rebuild trust in your followers. 

A Picture Speaks 1,000 Words

SM is a crowded space. Hundreds of businesses like yours are trying to attract the same type of audience you are. Using high-quality and relevant images are crucial to getting your target audience to remember you over your competition. 

Branding strategies For Small Businesses

Content is King

Above all, if you want to be truly successful at marketing on social networks your content must be relevant and appropriate to your audience’s needs and interests. If you’re a local candy shop, you don’t want to be sharing photos of cats. Post local events, photos of customers enjoying your products or reviews of your business. This type of content establishes you as a trusted authority in your field.


However, all your efforts in creating relevant and high-quality content can be useless if you’re not taking the time to measure and analyze. Proper social media measurement should be a top priority when executing your social media campaigns to help you calculate your ROI. 

Do you have a business but feel a bit lost in the ever-evolving social media landscape? The team at Design106 has their finger on the pulse of the social media scene, and are happy to help your business make it work for you. Contact us today for a free consultation.